About Me
Hi! I’m Javeria, a graphic designer who recently graduated from CalArts, followed by an internship at Studio Dumbar in The Netherlands. I'm interested in visual identity, UX, publication design, and information visualization.

I believe in the forms and functionalities of design as significant cultural artifacts, shaping everyday life in remarkable ways. I am curious about how design is encountered in daily life: from navigating a grocery store to learning about an important world event.

As a design can never be truly neutral, I believe that each project's tone and direction must be defined at its onset. To accommodate this, I have developed a methodology of adapting the working processes of different “characters” to suit each projects' aims. Through this, I have discovered imagination and play in my practice as unexpectedly effective tools in actualizing our tomorrows.

In addition to graphic design, I have earned minors in both social science and the humanities. This has given me the chance to reflect on various academic perspectives in relation to design in a broader context.

I Have Researched and Written on:
  • Immersive Environments, Abjection, and Social Class in the US
  • The Social Media Avatar and Subjectivity in the "Hypernormal" Era
  • Violence, Nothingness, and the Invisible Ghosts of Littleton, CO

If you are interested in my work or working together, please drop me an email!