Collecting Every Poster in the CalArts Halls
An Interactive Archive
CalArts is unique in its vibrant poster culture: word gets around about most events through flyers taped in the halls rather than email or social media.

Over the spring semester of 2017, I took a picture of every poster I saw in the CalArts halls that came from outside of the graphic design department and/or official school communications in order to capture a culture that often goes undocumented. This totaled nearly 1000 images.

Through this process, I noted how distinct an approach non-designers had to their content. There were definite trends of how certain events were advertised, and even styles defined by majors.

In creating an online archive, I tagged poster according to its purpose, subject, method of creation, and visual elements. I give visitors the chance to view all posters without bias or filter them through a number of tags to reveal trends and approaches among these categories. Look out for it!

Below are process samples from the Balsamiq wireframes: