An Exhibition of Reproduced Reproductions
The Graphic Design of Dissident Publications
SUMMARY A proposal for an exhibition of dissident publications, including concepts for the space, curation, branding, and website.
I. CURATING AN EXHIBITION I collected 16 examples of dissident publications printed over the past 100 years in Europe or the US. These ranged from art magazines, to student work, to subversive political pieces. These were selected both on historical relevance and contribution to visual design.
II. CONCEPTING I sketched concepts involving fundamental aspects of the underground publications. These explored utilizing a limited palette, materials, and reproduction methods.
Such resulted in an exhibition created of only piles of papers printed in a single color, that guests are free to take home.
III. VISUAL BRANDING Rather than imitating the style of these publications, I took cues from their reproduction in creating the visual identity.
The irreverent type quality, color, and textures are all based on default settings of reproduction methods as well as the attitudes of these pieces.
IV. CREATING A WEB PRESENCE Imitating the exhibition itself, the website is a form of discovery. Working from one central homepage, one navigates the publications by clicking/dragging files.
After completing successful tests with my wireframes, I applied the branding of the show to the layout.
V. LAYING OUT THE EXHIBITION Working from the initial floorplan, I experimented with layouts, dimensions, and display of the exhibition itself to come to a final mockup.