Putting the Knights Back in Gallery Nights
A Website for a New CalArts Event
I reimagined CalArts’ Thursday night gallery openings as a medieval jousting event, which was presented as an informative website.
I. RE-IMAGINING GALLERY KNIGHTS CalArts’ Gallery Nights are a weekly event, where art shows open on Thursdays. But due to inadequate space and departmental limitations, many cannot show or present their work in these galleries. The politics surrounding this issue are complex, leading many to feel disengaged.
Instead of trying to unravel a decades-long issue, I changed “Gallery Nights” to “Gallery Knights” to create an inclusive, school-wide event.
II. STRUCTURING MY INFORMATION In order to inform students of this new jousting events’ online and offline features, I created a simple and accessible web structure. Here, a guest can:
View Past Results
Sign Up for the Competition
View Knights’ Profiles
I translated these into a series of rough sketches:
III. ADDING A VISUAL IDENTITY In applying a style to my website, I combined contemporary web aesthetics with a collage of medieval manuscript illustrations and layout techniques.