A Supernatural Subscription Service
Toast for your Ghost
“Toast for Your Ghost” is a web experience for a supernatural subscription service: a monthly box of ghost-attracting toast+jam combo.
I. STRATEGY I identified both client (“Toast from Your Ghost” CEOs) and user (subscriber) needs in this company’s web presence.
The products targets three potential groups— the skeptic, the hobbyist, and the believer. Being a trendy service, these would be young to middle-aged adults.
In meeting these needs, I defined the tone of the experience as:
Spooky but not frightening
Cute but not cuddly
Straightforward but not rude
Helpful but not overbearing
Playful but not devious
Mischievous but not sinister
Transient but reliable
II. VISUAL DESIGN In order to attract a younger and “experimentally-inclined” audience, I took inspiration from contemporary and slightly anti-aesthetic styles.
A level of (wiggly) chaos paired with a limited color palette portrayed a ghosty feeling without being nostalgic.
III. STRUCTURE I created a website primarily informative about the process, reviews, and options. Further exploration leads one to create a custom subscription.
IV. MOCKUPS With a mobile-first approach, I created the visual design and interactions of the website.