Can a Kid's Menu Challenge Binary Thinking?
An Infiltration Operation
The Menu Infiltration Operation is a project that seeks to undermine creativity-hindering manifestations of black-and-white thinking in everyday life.

In many US restaurants, children are provided a menu that is accompanied by puzzles and activities. However, these typically allow for little creative freedom and seek to keep children quiet while they look for the single “correct” answer in each problem.

I have created a set of anti-menus with non-functional versions of the typical games. For example, a word search with no solutions or a maze with no exit. Instead, lines must be crossed and rules must be broken to reach the solution.

The metaphor of an egg is used as a theme, alluding to breaking free from preconceived structures and ideas.

The vernacular style is meant to masquerade it as a typical menu, meant to be snuck into these restaurants as replacement to their typical activity sheets. These menus either work as placemats or can be folded into booklet style, as to blend in with the restaurant's style.