A Website that Behaves like Radar
Parallels Between Technologies
As an exercise in front-end, responsive design I coded and created the launchpage for a fictional product.
Access the site here.
(FF and Safari compatible on devices with pointers)
I. RESEARCH In order to understand radar’s function I engaged in in-depth research of its history and place in world events. I viewed footage from various devices over time, as well as looked into modern iterations.

From this, I was also able to gather content for the site.
II. BRAINSTORMING INTERACTIVE APPROACHES I initially explored with a series of sketches in order to draw parallel between a web and analog technology.
III. FEEDBACK AND ADJUSTING Once deciding on a direction, I polished the interactions to bring them closer to the world of radar.
I actively engaged the audience in an a search for content, in which they were only able to see their coordinates and not the cursor itself.
After creating the final code, I tested the interactions with a variety of potential users — designers and non-designers — at different levels of technological skill.

People found unintended political implications in the proclamation of physical location, so they were replaced by mouse coordinates.

These reactions called for adjustments in content placement, an increased amount of content, and a wider variety to keep one engaged. These adjustments are mapped here.
IV. CREATING A FINAL PIECE After adjustments, I was able to create a fully-functional web piece. You can view the video below, but you can experience the true effect by interacting on a non-touchscreen device.