Infographics You Can Rest On
in collaboration with Viola Bernacchi at LUST
SUMMARY Created at LUST, designed in collaboration with BBC Radio 4's Claudia Hammond. Hubbub conducted a survey on how people rest for the Rest Test Project. Project was featured on the BBC.
These themed benches present the data of over 1000 responses to the question “How do you rest?”
Photos by Hubbub Group and LUST
Presented with an immense number of responses and 6 benches, I initially categorized them into 6 sections.
From this, I created several rough pitches creating a metaphor between the data and weaving.
Eventually the clearest direction involved tree diagrams:
I refined these sketches, addressing the sides of the object and the weaving metaphor.
These were combined with Viola’s categorization and line-based concept to create the final benches for the exhibition.