A Brand Reexamining our Relationships with Devices
Softwear for your Devices
Softwear is a brand that encourages better care for our devices by humanizing them with knitwear.
How can we be encouraged to treat our devices better?
With possible consciousness of our devices emerging in the future, I wanted to ensure they would not be abused. I examined a number of possibilities, current and prospective, that would encourage better treatment of devices.
People had the strongest response to solutions that humanized devices.
While I initially tested options items drawing metaphors between devices and babies, many felt this (literal) infantilization led them to lose respect for the device.

Instead, I stripped it down to the core of the idea: a soft, kind approach to humanization.
I realized friendly knitwear both meant to protect and humanize the device was enough to put across my concept without being heavy-handed.
Branding and Aesthetics
The name “Softwear” emerged initially as a pun, but stuck as it addressed the literal function and referred to the technological components of the product.
The visual brand centers around a knit patterns made of binary code.
Colors and typography reflect winterwear, clothing brand tropes, and humanistic design styles.
IV. APPLICATIONS AND CAMPAIGN To test the brand, I applied it to store needs such as shopping bags, instruction booklets, letterhead, and tags.
Additionally, I created a visually-engaging an advertising campaign of murals that worked with the distinctiveness of the brand.