A Launchpage for a Better Shoe
As an exercise in front-end, responsive design I coded and created the launchpage for a fictional product.
Access the site here.
I. IMAGINING A PRODUCT When given the task to create a launchpage for a project, I wanted to pursue something that bordered our reality — to advertise something we always wished was possible. So I brainstormed a list of everyday problems.
An unprecedented amount of daily struggles came down to (a lack of) height.
From not seeing the stage at a concert, to losing your friend in a crowd, to needing to ask a grocery clerk for something on a high shelf: all could be fixed with the simple invention of growing shoes.
II. COMMUNICATING MY PITCH As this product didn’t yet exist, I decided to focus on its possibilities rather than concrete reality.
My launch page would use universal ‘what-ifs’ to attract an audience.
This playful and speculative approach led me to a bold, iconographic kit-of-parts.
For maximum compatibility, all typefaces used are web-safe, google fonts.
III. SKETCHING THE LAUNCHPAGE With a mobile-first approach, I translated my ideas into rough wireframes.
IV. CREATING A RESPONSIVE WEBPAGE I coded the final result as a responsive webpage with CSS and HTML, testing it on phones, tablets, laptops, and desktop screens.

< Access the site here.